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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Oh For Crying Out Loud!

Hello fellow bloggers and blogwalkers!

I just want to post something that is happening just a few moments ago. After this, I'm going to go to sleep. My sister is now beside me, and she said something very creepy. She said to me, "Hey, have you read the @poconggg ( a very well-known ghost in Indonesia. Yes, A ghost has a twitter in Indonesia --") tweet?", I said,"No, why? Is it scary?""As hell it is. Don't read okay? Or we will sleep with mom and dad,"

Oh, god. I'm so curious and scared. But after my sister said, "Sis, I've read it all. I'm scarred now. So why don't  we go to sleep with mom and dad?". God, that makes me want to read it more. So guys, I know this isn't a very interesting post, but (maybe) I'll read the tweet after this and discussed it with you guys later.

And so, G'nite everyone. Have a very nice sleep, and I'll meet you tomorrow. G'bye!

RECENT MOOD : Scared as Hell!

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