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Sunday 23 September 2012

WatBot : A Cute Water Bottle

Awwyeah ! I'm back blogging :)

In this occasion, I want to promote a cute item, it is WatBot (Water Bottle) it's a water container, that fold-able, stand-able, attachable, and reusable. It's an Eco-friendly to replace the old plastic tap water bottles. easily fit into pockets, purses, even backpacks! Specially for traveling and hiking.

 some of the WatBot

 Pocoyo WatBot that is filled, and attachable in your bag :)

It's @Rp 25.000


(~' V')~ Buy your WatBot immediately ~('V '~)

Sunday 27 November 2011

Learn Your Family ! Part I - My Sister

Hello fellow bloggers and blogwalkers,

I'm back baby!! Have been REALLY busy lately, so I didn't post anyhing new -_-
But, I have a new post that maybe a little bit boring to you guys. But still, this means a lot to me.

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and think, "Wow. This is me? Why am I look so unhealthy? Am I going to die? Soon?" and then realised you haven't done much to the whole world. How long will you stay in that body? Will you leave something to this world?

This happens to me all morning. And the first person that I think is my sister. She is my best friend, and the best sister in the whole wide world.

She is a year old above me. So you can see that, sometimes everyone think that we are twins. Do we fights? A LOT. There was one time, I didn't talk to her for about a month. It's just because she drop my phone, and the LCD screen was scratched. And for that, I'm so sorry. I hate myself. I hate when I can't forgive you as soon as possible.

Do you know? From my side, EVERY YOUNG SISTER IN THE WHOLE WORLD see their older sister as a role model. No matter what. And sometimes, we find ourselves that we are jealous to them. As to me? It will be a big yes that I'm jealous about her. Why? Because she is always the one with the brain. Sometimes she can looked cute, and sometimes she can be very firm. Even to me. That's why I wanted to be like her.

That's why, I wanted to say something to her. Just three simple sentences that have many meanings. " I'm So Sorry", " Thank You For All This Time" and " Don't Forget That I Love You"

Oh My God, my tears are now dropping in my laptop. So, goodnight for now guys. Hope you like this post. If you have an older sister, take my advice. " TELL HER THE THREE SIMPLE SENTENCES ABOVE!" Before it's too late.

RECENT MOOD : Going To Try Hard For My Test!! WISH ME LUCK GUYS!!!

Tuesday 16 August 2011

Ever Heard Of Half Heaven Half Hell? That's High School Time

Hello fellow bloggers and blogwalkers,

First of all, I just want to confess something. I LOVE MY HIGH SCHOOL. This post isn't for mocking and bad-mouthing my lovely high school. This is just for my experience in high school, and you know there are always some ugly ones and the memorable ones.

Then, I'm going to tell you one of my ugly ones. In my school, there is one of three (if I'm not wrong) organization intern. To be an active student ( ermm... ), I want to be a member in this organization, and for us, freshman, of course we want to be in the best organization right? So, for me, the best organization there is MPK ( Musyawarah Perwakilan Kelas ). Each class will have two member in this organization

Who says that getting in this organization will be a piece of cake? ME. Yup, I thought it will be easy just like when i enter OSIS ( another intern organization in school ) in my junior high school. But then i know right after i was called to have an interview with a senior member in MPK.
~to be continued~

Sorry guys that's all. I have to think some words so I won't be too "straightforward" to post again. G'bye, Hope u like this post!

RECENT MOOD : Almost forgot : Happy Independence Day Tomorrow!

Monday 25 July 2011

It's Been A While!

Hello fellow bloggers and blogwalkers!

It's been a while since I post something. I was exhausted because of my senior high school preparations. Whether it's what we have to bring, and the events before officially we are a student in our High School

The event is called MOS or Masa Orientasi Siswa. In this event, we have to learn about the environment, our new senior, and new friends. In the first day, everything is all right, nothing to be worried for. Until, it's the second day ( dahdahdahdah!!!)

In the second day when me and my new classmates are given some information about the last day of MOS, five or six senior from grade twelve came into our class. They were yelling at us ( sort of angry ) and checking our things. It was pretty scary, my heart was like trying to get out of my chest! But, to me it was important. Because he one who was yelled at is my friend that REALLY makes trouble. They didn't search for our mistakes.

And after that, we still have some amazing, creepy events. Such as PLBB, I'll explain to you guys later. I'm going to finish my homework first. G'bye and G'nite to you all!

RECENT MOOD : still scared about MOS

Wednesday 22 June 2011

Long Time No See !

Hello fellow bloggers and blogwalkers,

Haven't met you guys for such a long time ! It's because I'm busy playing harvest moon and reading manga. Aside from that my whole family are coming from Jakarta to Yogyakarta . So my family are cleaning and tidying my house. I've got to pack up my books and move it into my bookshelf.

Well,  I want to post longer but my fingers don't want to. I'm exhausted . G'bye now

RECENT MOOD : I Don't Really Know

Friday 17 June 2011

Everyday I'm Shufflin'!

Hello fellow bloggers and blogwalkers,

Today I'm going to tell you guys about my new interest. It is called shuffling. Shuffling is a dance that . . .Umm, I don't think I can explain that. You guys have to see it on your own, and prepare to be amazed.

I learned it from my cousin in Jakarta. She said that Shuffling is famous in Jakarta now because of LMFAO's song, Party Rock Anthem. To me they are so amazing, and I'm now learning from them in Youtube. . Oh, and guys, I went to the bookstore a while ago and find something good. And after I read it, I'm going to discuss it with you.

G'nite for now, I'm busy leaning how to shuffle. I'll keep in touch with you tomorrow okay?

RECENT MOOD : Everyday I'm Shufflin'!

Thursday 16 June 2011

Being Lonely is Sucks . .

Hello fellow bloggers and blogwalkers,

In this post I'll tell you something about Feeling Lonely. For you guys who feel the same, please, share it with us in the comment section or chat section.

For me, Feeling Lonely is very painful. Even if you are feeling that there are prove that everyone just ignore you, don't you ever feel you are lonely. There are someone who cares about you. You just don't know about it. I don't want to give you guys a preach, but this is just my opinion about my friends out there that feeling lonely. Even I'm now feeling lonely. Usually, my friends always replies my text, mention me on my twitter, or maybe just a little thing that they usually do to me is like my status in my Facebook. Now? It's so different guys . .

But, promise me guys. Even if you are feeling lonely, don't you ever making too much attention. Sure you can make attention just by telling jokes to your friend ( even though it's not funny, but if they are your friend they'll laugh ), but not by bullying someone and dressing up as something unusual in a place. For example, you go to school and dress like you want to go to a party. Yes, it's maybe pay someone attention, but it's not a positive one.

Well, thank you so much for reading this post, I hope i can make you guys feel better when you're lonely. G'nite and I'll see you tomorrow

RECENT MOOD : I think I'm now feeling a bit sensitive guys, I just want to give you all a kiss.